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I am Maria Patera

ALALEON is my life’s landmark. I create each jewelry like a lioness gives birth to a lion

One, but a lion!

In Aesop’s Fable, “The Fox and the Lion”, the fox was kidding a Lioness about having only one baby a year while other animals had many. Then the Lioness replied “One, but a Lion!” or in Aesop’s exact Greek words, “Ena, Alla Leon” ~ ALALEON

This is the birthmark of ALALEON. The value is in the worth, not in the number

Each of my jewelry is handmade and it resembles with no other. This is it’s worth!

My family runs three generations in designing and exporting jewelries across the globe partnering with top caliber creators and merchandizers such as Saks Fifth Avenue New York USA, Al Masaood Abu Dhabi UAE and Osaka Japan et al

Leaving my family’s business legacy and trough my studies in Athens (Marketing & Business Administration) and in New York (Gemology & Design in GIA), I inspired ALALEON, my own nest of creation

The unique beaches of Greece, the timeless ancient myths and my son are ingenuity sources for my designs. All of them have a narrative to tell. They are not for your eyes only. They are the lions of your heart, of your love, of your emotions, of all the memories of your life

Wear them proudly

Wear them as a Lioness!